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Why Choose BuildBlock®Insulating Concrete Forms?

BuildBlock BenefitsBuildBlock ICF Forms install quickly and easily with no need for special tools.

Insulated Concrete Forms Are
• Comfortable and Quiet
• Safe and Strong
• Affordable
• Fire Resistant
• New Tax Credits
• Earth Friendly
• Energy Efficient
• Versatile Designs

BuildBlock’ s design will make your project move quicker and easier because once BuildBlock is laid and filled with concrete it is immediately ready for EIFS, (Drivet) or outside finish with NO additional labor. Inside walls are ready for subcontractors to rough in. No insulating contractor is required for exterior walls. In most conditions one less subcontractor is needed before interior wall finishes are applied.

BuildBlock keeps your structure comfortable and quiet, making it a great benefit for single residences, multi-family residences and multi-commercial buildings.

BuildBlock is safe and sturdy which will protect your family from strong storms and fires. BuildBlock is also great for safe room designs, including multi-point locking doors similar to a vault door. The military has conducted tests for blast safe buildings and has found that ICF’s perform better than reinforced concrete; the foam helps absorb the blast.

BuildBlock is a very affordable investment, saving you money in the long run through much lower utility bills. BuildBlock also creates a higher resale value.

The fire rating of ICF’s make it great for better fire-resistance homes and commercial buildings. ICF’s have a 3 hour fire rating for 6-8 inch walls which could be used for firewalls between multi-family units, and commercial units. These could be used for supporting and bearing walls also.

With the government wanting to go Green this is a great way to invest in the new tax credit incentives that they are offered for commercial and residential buildings. Visit the link for more information on tax credits.

BuildBlock is earth friendly, part of the Building Green system with a resistance to termites and mold. While ICF’S are saving trees, the unique design of BuildBlock almost eliminates waste that would end up in a landfill. BuildBlock also decreases utility expenses, which is saving fossil fuels.

The real benefit from BuildBlock is the energy efficiency. The walls can perform as high as a R-53 Rating but this does not take in to account the high-thermal mass of the concrete. This could cut your heating and cooling installation cost by using a smaller heating and cooling system. With reduced utility bills you will continue to save month-after-month.

BuildBlock is fully versatile for special designs such as circles, arches, and angles. This makes it a huge advantage over masonry, steel or wood framing applications.

Build Block of Central Virginia

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